You did it! Well done! Kudos! Awesome!

Now that you’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the shiny medal, what next? Are you going to relax, relapse or refocus?

These questions are relevant, especially after every victory.

When you expend energy and put in a lot of effort to reach a milestone, you need time to recover before you start pushing yourself to the next. Between the shout of victory and time for recovery, there is always the subtle danger of becoming overwhelmed by exhaustion. Ask Elijah, the mighty prophet of God! He singlehandedly defeated 400 prophets of Baal, but fled for his life from the threats of Jezebel. He had not fully recovered from the victory of mount Carmel, and the devil sought to take full advantage.

For a few days after completing the 10k race last week, my whole body was sore. I felt a bit feverish and was close to concluding that I can never run again. I wanted to stay in bed all week and condemn myself to a no-running life!

But I recalled the marathon vision that was alive in me. I refocused on where I was going and why I wanted to get there. I did not succumb to the voice of ‘Jezebel’ that was rumbling in the background. Instead, I allowed myself enough time to rest and fully recover (I decided not to run during the week).

Then came yesterday (Saturday), another Parkrun morning. I was ready to take the bull by the horn and run again. And run I did! I clocked another 5k personal best!

Have you celebrated a victory recently? Beware of the temptation of camping around this victory or the intimidation of your next challenge. Do not let your emotions get the better of you. Allow enough time for recovery and get going again. Another medal is waiting for you at your next milestone.

I am already eyeing one!

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