On the journey of life, there are milestones you need to acknowledge and celebrate. You may not yet be where you want to be, but you are no longer where you used to be. You do not need to beat yourself up for having not achieved you BIG goal. Instead, pat yourself on the back, slightly, for a fraction of the goal you have managed to put under your belt. You can surely declare, “Thus far the Lord has helped me!”

Okay. I have been running! For a few years, I have wanted to run the marathon. It was just this ‘something’ within me that refused to lie fallow. Every now and again, it will rise to the surface. “One day, I will run the marathon,” I would say in response to this latent desire. It is one thing, however, to say you would do something, and quite another to get it done (that’s a message for another day!).

Then something happened. Last year (April 2017), a dear brother in church, Nigel Hewson, ran the London marathon. He ran in aid of the Leukaemia Cancer Society, in remembrance of his son, Carl, who battled Leukemia and went to be with the Lord the year before. He raised £10,000 for the society.

Nigel came to church with his finisher’s medal proudly dangling round his neck. “Congratulations!” everyone said. I also applauded him for his accomplishments. Unsurprisingly, my latent desire was fully awakened! Nigel had inspired me and this time I was not prepared to let the urge go to sleep again.

A few months later, in November, I accompanied Nigel to a 5k race in the park. I huffed and puffed for 2 kilometers, stopped running and switched to walking. Nigel encouraged me that it was okay to walk and run the entire distance. I picked up the running again and completed my first 5k. I have been running ever since, mostly!

The goal is 42k, but I had started. I have now done 10k (thank you Jesus!), a quarter of the goal. So, I say, “Ebenezer, thus far the Lord has helped me.”

Are there things you want to achieve in life? Do you have goals set before you, some that seem unattainable from where you presently stand? Well, don’t just stand there, get started and keep going. Before long, you will reach your first milestone. When you reach this point, please take a little moment to celebrate and give God thanks. The BIG medal will come at the end, because you can build upon the achievement you have attained today.


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