Keep pace and run your race

This week’s post is a catch-up post on last week’s, which I missed. I will, therefore, write another in the middle of the week to keep pace with these outputs. Well, it is important to “keep pace” as long as you are running your race and functioning within your God-given Grace. Keeping pace just to save face will only end in disgrace!

Okay, I did not plan to write that. But, there you go! The truth. There is a race marked out for each one and the Grace to run our particular course is always available for us to access. So often, though, we get distracted by other people’s race; how fast they are running; what they seem to be accomplishing; the glamour and the glory (the glamour OR the glory, I should say – oh that we can discern which is which!).

Distraction is an enemy of purpose. So look ahead only. Look to Christ alone. Set your eyes as a flint on your race. Comparing ourselves with ourselves is the preoccupation of fools. If you make this a habit, you will soon veer off your course and get into no man’s land. A wilderness, in other words. Worse still, you may cease walking in the Spirit and start labouring in the flesh. Not a good place to be. The arm of flesh cannot accomplish the purposes of the Spirit.

All we need to do – some of the things, in fact – to keep pace with Holy Spirit, our Lead Runner, is to trust God with all our heart, lean not upon our own abilities, acknowledge God in all things and run your course as He directs (not as circumstances or convenience directs). Look unto Jesus and be at rest. You really do not need to beat the rest, just yourself!

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