Inspire a generation

I got a Father’s Day card yesterday and a box of gifts (all these on top of a delicious German toast, hot coffee and ‘jolly good fellow’ chorus). In the card, my children and dear wife had written some nice words, all very touching. My daughter, Destiny, in her note, had made reference to the marathon I completed a few weeks ago, and how inspiring it was to her. My heart melted.

We may never know the full extent to which our lives, actions and achievements impact others, starting from those closest to us. Little things have big consequences. Small accomplishments can inspire greater ones. Occasional misdoings also leave deep scars. Everything is consequential. And no matter what we do, there is someone taking note.

I guess the message is: If I can do it, you can do it too! And your IT does not need to be my IT. If I can run a marathon, you can also run your race and get to your destination. Less than 1% of the human race has run a marathon, but those who have inspire those who have not to endure the inevitable challenges of accomplishing great things. My Destiny will fulfil her destiny because she will always remember her daddy refused to give up until he crossed the finish line. I hope, for her sake and many others, to continue running, writing, living and inspiring.

There is a 1% niche area for every father. For everyone. Find yours. Run your race. Finish strong. Inspire a generation!

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