The zero to 5k course I participated in last year required us to run for a set number of minutes and after the whistle goes, switch to walking for a few minutes. We would do this in turn until the session ended.

We started with running for a minute and walking for five minutes, repeating the cycle a couple of times. Gradually, the running time increased until we were able to run for fifteen minutes twice with a two-minute walk sandwiched in-between. We did this on the 8th week.

Often during those early weeks, we beginners would find ourselves panting and wishing for the trainer to blow the whistle. Sometimes, those later minutes felt like they had extra seconds in them! All you could do was keep running until you heard the whistle. In football, they say, “Play to the whistle.” In the running world, we “Run to the whistle”!

I adopted this whistle-blowing training feature during my private running sessions, with the timer on my phone serving as my “whistle.” No matter how much I am tempted, I would try and keep running until I heard the beeping of the timer.

Well, our times are in God’s hands as He trains us for the race of life. He knows when to blow the whistle and get us to stop or start running. Our ability to hear and respond to Him is crucial for our success on the tracks of life. If we do not hear Him, we may not know which way to turn.

Oh that we would hear Him as we run and run as we hear! Oh that we may run to His whistle!

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