I hinted the other day that I adopted a run-walk strategy to my marathon race. I had to make this switch about six weeks to race day and settle my mind on the idea. Upon research, I found that the run-walk approach was popular amongst runners. Contrary to impressions one may have, it is not inferior to any other strategy.

Looking in from the outside, most people wonder how anyone can run non-stop for 26 miles. Well, some actually do –elite, professional runners. Elite runners are concerned not just about crossing the line, but also about whether they finish before everyone else. For these class of runners, walking may not be an option. But for the rest of us, crossing the finish line is more important than beating another person’s time. I will talk about beating time in another post.

So, walking is an option on your destiny path. You can run and walk. And walk and run. As long as you keep moving forward. The speed at which you move is not as important as moving and making progress. Some get envious of their peers who seem to be “soaring” in life. They never seem to be able to catch up with others, or so they think. What of if they simply concentrate on their race and the progress they should be making?

Those who wait on the Lord and renew their strength in Him are not intimidated by those who soar. They, too, can soar on high, with wings as eagles; but they can also run and not be weary, and they can walk without being faint. They do all three by the Spirit. They only need to know, also by the Spirit, when to fly, when to run and when to walk.

Do not compare yourself, therefore, with your neighbour. Just keep in step with Holy Spirit. You are running your race at your pace, not another person’s race at their pace. Continue to make progress without stress! Martin Luther King Jr was acclaimed to have said, “If you cannot run, then walk; if you cannot walk, then crawl; but whatever you do, keep on moving forward.” Nice! If you keep moving, you will cross your finish line.

What you are not allowed to do on your destiny path is to quit. Worse still, you cannot look back. Remember Lot’s wife and keep moving forward. Those who look back become wasted pillars of salt.

Keep moving!

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