There are, at least, three virtues we need for our life’s race. Vision, purpose and patience. Vision will give us the impetus to get started. Purpose will see us through to the end. Patience will take care of everything in-between. Simplistic, yes, but true.

There is a measure of excitement that marks the beginning of any race. You are glad to start and delighted to step out with expectation. Visions of the finish line, fuelled by a clear purpose of why you are running, help you maintain you stride. After the excitement of the start and the adrenaline of the finish line, you need to run your race with perseverance, patience and endurance.

Are we there yet?

I recall a stretch in the race the other day. There were no bends, no water station, no entertainment. Nothing. Just a long, seemingly endless stretch of the course. When is this road going to end? When am I going to break through to the next phase? For how long will this difficult season last? These questions are inevitable as you jog along.

In most cases, you cannot even stop to find an answer. As long as you are on the right track, the question of when you would arrive depends on your ability to keep on going to the end. Your ability to persevere and not give in to negative emotions.

You will get there someday, even if not yet. Someday, surely.

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