All things are possible to those who believe enough to dare and persevere. This is the story of today’s marathon. As you can see, I showed up, didn’t give and crossed the finish line!

Thank you Jesus!

It’s not a day for writing much because I ache all over! But I heard in my spirit, when the pain subsides, the glory will abide. There’s no endeavour that does not require Grace to endure the pain. If you are waiting for a pain-free journey, you may wait for a very long time and never believe enough to step out.

Once again, thank you Jesus! You told me I will cross the line and I believed enough to try and try hard. I must have received a dozen messages today as I ran, and more, because Holy Spirit ran with me and told me, Quitting is not an option! It may be the easy way out of transient suffering, but it is not an option for Finishers. I Finished today, by Grace and grit; because I chose not to quit!

There are many who, directly or indirectly, played a part in this feat. I cannot mention everyone by name. But thanks to Nigel, of Cornerstone runners, who consistently encouraged me, as well as everyone in the group. (That last discussion about electrolytes was timely!) My family has been super supportive (thanks Des for travelling all the way from Norwich and for Mine’s exploits from London). My scribal family, my cousins and everyone who has donated towards the campaign to help children from low income families, lots of kudos to you.

Yet, my highest praise is for my Father and His abiding presence. Thank you for giving life to my mortal body today through your Spirit who dwells in me! Thank you for demonstrating the truth that all things are possible if I believe enough to dare and persevere. We shall do this again!

PS: The fundraising campaign will be over later this week. There is still more time to donate if you have not done so yet. Every little helps! Please click here to donate and share!

2 thoughts on “THE RACE OF A LIFETIME (WEEK 41)

  1. Pastor Esther Olulaja says:

    Son, I appreciate your obedience to your Creator, Jesus Christ’s Instructions. Keep on listening to Him and obey completely. He will never forsake you, your siblings and your individual members of your families respectively, as I continue to pray for everyone of you until the Lord Jesus Christ calls me Home at His Own Agenda for me. I love you loads. Be abundantly blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen!!!

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