The date was set a long while back. Now it is just round the corner. You doubt your preparation. You are at the brink of hitting the quit button. You want to run away from the challenge ahead. Before you do a “No Show”, let me encourage you with a story I recently heard. A true story.

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Funke Ayodele, nearly hit that quit button. She registered last year to run a half marathon in April of this year. However, since January, she had been very busy with a number of things. Her training had not been at the level that would make her feel ready. Four days to race day, she was tempted to pull out altogether. But, instead of quitting, she decided to show up! My cuz ignored all the butterflies in her tummy and joined the horde of runners at the starting line. She ran and ran and eventually crossed the finish line. “I clocked my worst time yet,” she said, “but I completed the half marathon!”

Little did my dear cuz know that she was encouraging me! My race day is approaching and I do not feel particularly confident. The months have been extremely busy too, and I had, for two weeks, suffered a minor injury (it’s much better now). Training in these circumstances has not always been fun, especially recovery times. However, rather than contemplate quitting, I am determined, like Funke, to show up! If I do not show up, I will have no chance of crossing the finish line. If I choose not to show up, I would give power to the excuses and become their slave for a very long time.

Do you have an interview for which you feel ill-prepared? Show up!

Are you scheduled to deliver a presentation at work and you are feeling nervous? Show up!

Is your life purpose challenging you to do a feat you have never done before? Show up!

If you stay in the boat of excuses, you will never discover the capacity to walk on water. Do your best, then… show up and don’t give up. If you show up, you will receive a hundred thumbs up and a lot more on top!

Thanks cuz!

PS – In next week’s post, I hope to show you my marathon medal! As the race is on a Monday, I will post a day later than usual.

2 thoughts on “THE RACE OF A LIFETIME (WEEK 40)

  1. Elsie says:

    If you don’t show up you will live with regret forever, if you do show up, you will join the 1% of the world set apart as marathon runners. #runtoksrun

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