It is finished.

When Jesus spoke these words on the cross, He was not letting out a sigh of relief because HIS pain had come to an end. He was still in unbearable agony as He laid down His life for the sin of the whole world. What HAD certainly finished was OUR eternal damnation and separation from the Father. Christ fully paid the price for our redemption and restoration, His blood atoning for our sin. His suffering ensuring our peace. His death securing our life. Jesus gave ALL He was for all we would be in Him. His mission now accomplished, He cried, IT IS FINISHED!

Everything Jesus did was with US in mind. For the joy that was set before Him (that is, you and I), He endured the pain of the cross and despised the shame (Hebrews 12:2). He had an opportunity to preserve His life and avoid the torturous sacrifice, but He CHOSE to lay down His life in obedience to God, His Father. Passing this point of no return, He kept going until the very end; until He could authoritatively say, IT IS FINISHED!

Jesus is now our example and inspiration. He has shown us how we should run our race – persevering unto the end of the race marked out for us. As we look to Him, we too can be FINISHERS; a people compelled to keep on running so OTHERS can benefit from our triumph. Through Christ and because of Him we endure beyond our pain barriers and come through on the other side victorious – a victory that many will partake of, just as we are partakers of Christ’s.

“IT IS FINISHED” is the beginning of a new chapter in God. Christ’s obedience is our access to God’s righteousness. Your FINISH will also be the start that someone needs in life. May we truly be willing to pray, “Not my will, but yours be done!”


PS – It’s just two weeks to the Milton Keynes Marathon! I look forward to being able to say “IT IS FINISHED” as I cross the FINISH line!

PSS – I also hope, with your help, I can FINISH raising the funds needed to support the education of children in Ibadan and Abuja. Please click here to give a donation. Thanks for seeing me across the FINISH line!


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