The mystery of growth and healing is in the knowledge that they occur not when we are stressed and strained, but when we are at rest. After seasons of work, we are commanded to rest. Even God rested.

Adequate rest is as important as adequate work. A day’s rest is enough for six days’ work. We cheat and deceive ourselves when we think we can achieve more by working round the clock, non-stop from Monday to Monday!

In order to run a good race, you would frequently need a good rest. It is only in states of rest that the body gets to repair itself, and the spirit syncs itself with God’s Spirit. When we are not at rest, we run on empty and do not enjoy His guidance. If we operate outside God’s rest, we labour in vain and depend solely upon ourselves. Sometimes, you just have to slow down in order to speed up.

A few weeks ago, I embraced the fact that I needed to rest. My body needed a break. The injury to my shin (and I am healed in Jesus’ name!) enforced a rest upon me. Yet, Marathon day is fast approaching! What should I do? Re-strategise! In a state of rest, a fresh strategy bubbled up in my heart. I searched it out and have now adopted this race-day strategy. I now look forward to crossing the finish line using this strategy (I will write about the strategy in later posts).

Do you feel worn out, tired and spent? It is time you cease from your own work and enter God’s rest. Stop running on empty and make time to rest.

Yes! Renew: Energy, Strength and Tactics. REST!

2 thoughts on “THE RACE OF A LIFETIME (WEEK 38)

  1. Olufemi Odusolu says:

    Thank you and may the Almighty Father of all help us to cultivate the habit of resting well in Jesus marvellous name. Amen.

  2. Mama Skan says:

    God bless you sir, thanks a lot for this.
    A time of rest is indeed the time of rejuvenation. A spiritual law that the Lord designed for humanity. Selah!

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