Life happens. And sometimes, the happenings of life leave you bruised all over. Only the perpetually inactive stand a chance of remaining “injury-free” in life – or so they think. Yet, inactivity is not a desirable place; it damages the mind and weakens one’s resolve. When you decide to daily run your race, you also embrace the risk of injury. It’s part of the race of life.

For two runs in a row, I have felt sharp pains in my shin – sharp enough to make me switch from running to limping. Such is the nature of injuries. They break momentum and impede progress. They force you to slow down and retreat for a while. They cast dark shadows of uneasiness upon your soul and pour torrents of discomfort upon the body. But soon, the omen passes and time, working in sync with the self-healing features of the body, transforms itself into a caring nurse.

Sadly, the injury that some experience is too severe and the balm of time seems to work ever so slowly. I think of the displaced thousands in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. What a disaster of gigantic proportions! Time alone cannot heal this collective wound. It would require the active compassion of many around the world, the global body, to speed up the recovery process. If people do not rise up to help, these communities will soon lose every sense of hope.

The story Jesus told about the injured Samaritan is still relevant today. God wants the injured to recover and He commends us when we take part in their recovery process. Sometimes, taking part in another person’s recovery speeds up the healing process in our lives. That’s just the way the corporate body is designed to function.

So, there might be pain in my shin, I will recover. I will recover enough to run the race. When I think about the children who need help with textbooks and school fees, I see beyond the injury. I see myself crossing the finish line. My race is not over. It has only begun.

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