There are two kinds of “runners” in this world. Those who run away from challenges and those who run towards challenges. Which kind are you? Let me show you what I mean from a familiar Bible story.

Goliath was a monster of a man. He stood between Israel and victory. Each time the soldiers of Israel approached the battle line, Goliath, the monster challenge, will roar at them, “And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, FLED from him, and were sore afraid” (1 Samuel 17:24). Although there was an attractive prize for anyone who takes Goliath on, the size of the challenge was too intimidating. Rather than fight, they chose to flee.

David was a different kind of “runner”.  After convincing the king and the people that he can, by God, take this challenge on, he took a few pebbles and went to face the big, scary challenge. Only that, David was not scared like rest of the soldiers (and if he was, he did not show it!). Instead of run away, “David hastened, and RAN toward the army to meet the Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:48). After slaying the big Goliath with a stone, “David RAN, and stood upon the Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:51). David overcame the challenge, saved his nation and got the reward of bravery.

There is a challenge standing between you and significance. If you always run away from the challenge, you will not obtain the prize. If you take on the challenge with courage and faith, you will stand tall over it and bring deliverance to your generation. Oh for more runners after the order of David! Runners who will take on the challenge of consummating the purposes of God in the earth!

Sometimes, the marathon challenge before me seems an insurmountable task. But, this “Goliath” will fall! I will cross that finish line! A much bigger challenge is the poverty of mind and means afflicting thousands of communities and children in Africa. Can the coming generation ever be free from the Goliath of Survival? Will they realise their potential and cease to be slaves to prevailing circumstances? Anyone who wants to see a change in their fortunes has to confront the mighty “Goliath” of social decadence. We can either run away in defeat or run towards this challenge with pebbles of faith.

This Goliath will fall! Let us RUN towards it!

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One thought on “THE RACE OF A LIFETIME (WEEK 34)

  1. Dorcas says:

    I choose to run towards the challenge of fulfilling a significant portion of eternal purpose of God wherever, whenever, however He wants it done.
    More strength sir to run to finish in Jesus name Amen.

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