When you find a cause that is much bigger than you, a reason to run that reaches beyond today, a future reward that eclipses present challenges, you are likely to give your all to its pursuit. Young David, moments before taking on Goliath, asked the question: Is there not a cause? We all, on very personal levels, need to find an answer to this question.

What is the cause for which you run? I ask myself the same: Why am I going through the rigours of preparing to run a marathon? My answer is multi-layered. Follow me to the inner chambers of my heart, the place where purpose is sacred; the place where I found my WHY.

Five years ago, I expressed a desire to run the Marathon before my 50th birthday. Once this seed thought registered in my heart, it began to grow. I am 49 years old today, March 11 (thank you Jesus!), and have signed up to run the Marathon in May. I am, therefore, and I hope on track to realise this expressed desire. But this is only a fraction of the story.

I cannot take any credit for this ongoing journey to the Marathon finish line. After all, I did not make even an inch of progress for three years; not until the Lord twinned this goal with a much higher motivation: a mandate to move a generation from survival to significance. In His wisdom, Father gave me a title of a book to write on the theme of running (He thus touched the core of my calling as a scribe). Apart from the book, He got me writing weekly articles (again, on the theme of running and purpose). He then topped it up with a desire to run and raise funds for developmental causes that will make a difference in Africa. Now, running for the benefit of another is many times bigger than just running for a shiny medal or for fitness. Those things are mere spinoffs.

In addition to all this, as I run, I continue to envision my generation running for a wide range of selfless causes; not for survival or self-gratifying success, but for significance. My race, therefore, is a prophetic reminder that you are meant to be running too; that we all need to be about the Father’s business; that we all need to find our place of significance and be a blessing to our world; that we all need to cross the line of purpose and hear God’s “Well done!”

Personally, I would like to make a difference in the educational sector of the African nations; not just in traditional education, but the reorientation of the minds of the future generation. Now, this is not a one-time race; it’s a lifetime marathon that has begun in earnest.

Has your race began? Is there not a cause?

You are welcome to check out my Crowdfunding page as fundraise to provide books for school children in Ibadan, Nigeria. Again, this is just the beginning.

Thank you joining me in this race!

One thought on “THE RACE OF A LIFETIME (WEEK 33)

  1. Isaac Bayo-Emmanuel says:

    A worthwhile cause indeed! The zeal of the Lord of host will perform it!!! Be encouraged sir, God is on your side – always.

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