Some Performance coaches teach that to attain a big goal, you need to divide your main objective into chunks. In this way, you will not remain intimidated by the enormity of your dream. You will, instead, take on one challenge at a time, and before you know it, you will arrive at your glorious destination. This, in many ways, has been my approach to the big marathon goal.

First, I trained for the 5k distance, which, initially, felt like an impossible feat. Many times, I thought I could never run 5k without stopping, talk less of a full marathon. The more I tried, the more I fell short. All that changed after I joined a zero-to-5k running programme in my church. The course applied the same principle of incremental achievement. The big 5k goal was split into small, weekly tasks, each week building on the success of the previous one. By the end of the eight-week programme, I was an accomplished 5k runner!

However, 5k is only one-eighth of a marathon! It is not the big goal that inspired me in the beginning. The marathon finish line was still miles away. So, back to the gradual increments strategy I went, and persisting with it, I have now crossed the 10k and half marathon lines (with medals to show)! I am not where I used to be, but also not yet where I want to be. I am bang in the middle!

Now, there is something about the mid-point of a dream that calls for caution. You are happy with how much you’ve accomplished thus far; yet, at the same time, overwhelmed with how much more you still have to go. It also seems like the effort required from the middle of your dream to its end is ten times more than when you started. Whether this is true or not, decide not to get stuck in this middle place. Take confidence from the fact that you once overcame your fears to get to where you are right now. With God, you can do it again!

At this place, you need to refocus on the BIG vision that got you started. Lose sight of this and your efforts will wane until you have no motivation to keep going. You will settle for half a vision and forfeit the complete testimony. However, do not settle for less than your best. Do not get stuck with a half-written story. Rediscover the consistency that got you to where you are. Double up if you need to, but continue making progress. If you are in your 40s or 50s, the middle years as it were, resist the temptation to cut your BIG vision down to a fraction of its original size. Recall the prophecies. Retrieve every promise. Rekindle your passion and keep on running to your place of fullness, completeness and wholeness! Yes! Fulfil your potential. Finish everything you laid your hands upon to do.

The One who started a good thing in you is able to complete it. Partner with Him for success.

Whatever else you do, don’t stop halfway. Rather, go all the way!

2 thoughts on “THE RACE OF A LIFETIME (WEEK 32)

  1. Temi says:

    Well done Toks. An inspiring piece especially for those of us in our 50s! . It’s very tempting to start cutting down on the BIG vision as the years go by. There are prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled so I will keep “running the race “ and reach my full potential.

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