The course before each of us is not a short, straight-line track, set on an easy, plain ground. No. The race of life is run on a long, bendy, twist-and-turn, hilly, obstacle-ridden terrain that requires watchfulness, tenacity, determination and endurance. It is said, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint,” and I believe this is a valid statement.

“The race is not for the swift,” the Bible says. The rewards of success are also not for those who are not ready to endure the sometimes grueling conditions in which we run. When the going gets tough, some get going, while others look for an easy way out. This antidote to endurance, the easy-way-out option, promises instant relief but it cannot take you to the finish line of purpose. Those who choose this way find that they have been lured away from their set course, into the mire of compromise.

God never told us that our race would be an easy one. What He did say is that He would help us come through if we choose not to quit. Only those who endure to the end earn the winner’s crown. Those who quit midway receive nothing.

We should always be suspicious of those who promise instant miracles and express comfort in the name of the Lord, especially the kinds that ignore due process for a fee. Instead, we should follow the Lord closely, wherever He leads – wilderness, valley or the fires of affliction. Truth is, if we do not endure times of training under God, we would not have any degree of dominion in God.

Are you going through stuff today? It could be that heaven is preparing you for a great destiny. Most times, the bigger the destiny, the more intense the training – and thus, the need for endurance. If you do not endure your wilderness, you may not be fit for your promised land.

God has not created you to be a spectator in this life. He wants you to participate in a most unique way, through the outworking of your unique purpose. This is why you should learn to endure. I have chosen to keep learning too.

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