Where there is no vision, people easily cast off restraint. We will quit the race if we do not retain a vision of the finish line and the joy that comes from crossing it. I would have turned back from running if not for the vision implanted within me by the word of the Lord.

I ask, what has God said to you? Is the word still alive in you? Is the vision still before your eyes? If so, you should discard the thought of giving up. Fix your eyes like a flint and keep on running your race.

There would be times you will not feel as motivated as you should. Your spirit will be willing but your flesh may be tired. At such times, resist the temptation to cast off restraint. Remain committed to the race and the vision will come to pass.

This week has been one of those weeks of testing. If there was no vision to cross the half-marathon line, I would have quit. But the vision is before me and I am counting the days. No matter what, I will show up and run well.

Embrace your vision. Be restrained. Run!

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