The other day, I got me one of these smart, techy wristbands. The cute little thing could tell the time, track my steps, display how much distance I have covered in a day and measure my heart pulse. It can even tell me how much calories I burn each day and monitor my sleep each night, giving me insight into whether I slept deeply or lightly and for how long. Isn’t that cool? I read that it can even notify me when I receive telephone calls, email and WhatsApp messages. For me, that would be indulgence gone too far, so I have disabled these functions!

I wanted this smart assistant because of the heart rate feature. Apparently, there is a phenomenon called the Marathon Heart Rate that is good for me to be aware of as I prepare for race day. I am still working this detail out. The other day, my new gadget congratulated me for achieving the default daily target of 10,000 steps by a series of vibrations on my wrist. “Thanks mate,” I whispered as I jogged along.

Since getting this running accessory, I cannot stop thinking about how privileged we are. In this day and age, we have virtually every kind of equipment necessary for life and exploits. Whether we are truly living and accomplishing great things is another story. Ask Google any question and you are sure to get an answer, not that we instantly become wiser because of this. Key any postcode into your GPS navigator, and you can get to any destination; although, this does not mean we have become more ready to obey our Macedonia Calls.

What’s my point? My new gadget can only aid me; it cannot do my running for me. Runners in ages past have ran without this luxury. With or without it, I must still run my race. Truth is, we – my generation – have been given too much to fulfil our purpose, and to whom much is given, much is expected. The accumulation of revelation over past eras means we have no reason not to walk in the fullness of God. Not to talk of knowledge God continues to release upon the earth from His Word and through Gifts He has given to His Body. I think about Theresa Harvard Johnson and the depth of understanding God has used her to deliver to the Church about scribal ministry. If, in my day, I’ve been given access to this wealth of knowledge, then I can be sure that heaven is expecting much of me in my calling as a prophetic scribe.

Think about your calling, your purpose, your divine race course. To whom much is given, much is expected. For every excuse not to do God’s bidding, I am sure there will be a gadget that will cry out against us on the day of reckoning.

Mehn, I’ve got to run!

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