Why do people find it difficult to sustain their commitment to New Year Resolutions (NYRs)? Are NYRs even worth it seeing only a tiny percentage of those who religiously make them keep them? With a backdrop of mixed feelings about the concluding year, many make promises to themselves to do better in the new year (get rid of a self-defeating habit, establish a new one etc.), only to fall short a few days or weeks into the year. Guilt-ridden, people revert to their default state and, before they know it, the year is gone, and they feel the need to repeat the NYR cycle.

Well, perhaps we need to look at this NYR thing differently and set ourselves up better for success than failure. NYRs that are made out of guilt, off the cuff, in haste and just for the sake of NYRs will not last. They may appease the conscience for a while, but are bound to let it down a little while more.

I remember when I first determined to start running. I psyched myself up and resolved to run, run, run. The resolution only lasted a few weeks. I could not sustain the motivation neither could I endure the “self-inflicted torture” of being a road runner. However, a few years after this first resolve, from November 2017 to be precise, the “resolution” has had a longer shelf-life. I seem to be running on renewable batteries and not ones that need replacing every now and then. The difference between then and now is that my present resolution has a much bigger context, a much bigger WHY. Every time I consider the WHY, my motivation is renewed and I find strength to keep on running.

So, instead on another set of NYRs, I suggest you establish a NEWLY REVISED VISION or latch onto a NEWLY ENLARGED MOTIVATION. Yes, a RENEWED FOCUS on JESUS will do much good than a hasty NYR! Find a cause that is a thousand times bigger than your needs; find the course that was divinely set for you to run; find your place of significance in God’s kingdom; find the Source of Grace that flows from the heart of God… and you would not need to replace one NYR with another. Instead, you will run and not be weary; you will walk and not faint. Your very BIG WHY will keep you motivated.

It’s too early in the year to quit your race. Switch from NYRs to NRV, NEM, RFJ NRPs (NEW RUNNING PARTNERS) or whatever else you can conjure; whatever and whoever will keep you in the race all year long!

The journey is still long. Keep running!

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