Last week, I wrote briefly about crossroads – junctions in our journey that split our course into two (or more) diverging pathways. Each of these lead to different destinations, so we need to be clear about where we are heading before racing ahead. Crossroads are inevitable on the race tracks of life. So also is our need to make right choices.

I am sure you have come to or are presently at this familiar crossroad along the Christian journey; the crossroad of running in the Spirit or running in the flesh (okay, the Bible uses walk rather than run, but you get the point). When we come to this place, our choices matter. If you run in the flesh, your race will ultimately be in vain. If you run in the Spirit, you will fulfil the law of Christ. You cannot go on both journeys at the same time; you are either on one path or on the other.

My generation is at crossroads. We are faced with the choice of continuing on the path of survival or choosing the path of significance. The path of survival is concerned about the preservation and betterment of self. The path of significance is concerned about the sacrificing of self and betterment of others. These two are irreconcilable pathways. You are either running one course or the other. If the entirety of life is spent on Survival Lane, both heaven and earth will have no remembrance of us. If we make the right turn and travel on Significance Street, we will add value to the world and glorify our Father in heaven. We will all have choices to make at the crossroads of our lives.

Speed is irrelevant if you are travelling on the wrong lane. It is wise to slow down, think things through, assess your options and make the right turn.

What about this crossroad: to run or not to run?

I choose to run!

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