The course that heaven sets before us involves not only twists and turns, but also roundabouts and crossroads. We, therefore, have to run with patience or risk spinning off course. Speed is counterproductive when you miss your way. At the crossroads of life, you need to be sure of the way. You need divine direction, the voice behind saying, “This is the way to go, walk in it.”

With the privilege of God’s indwelling Spirit, crossroads should not be an issue at all. He is committed to leading us and guiding our feet. But we are sometimes not attentive enough or overly dependent on our own wisdom. Often, we would have travelled a good way before realising the mistake. Imagine arriving at the end of the course to find out that the journey was a waste of time! Jesus said this will be the case for some who ran their race “in His name” but neglected intimacy with Him. They crossed the finish line but did not win the eternal prize.

We will all come to different crossroads in our journey, some more defining than others. At such times, wisdom is key. Awareness of our prophecies is crucial. Holy Spirit’s counsel is non-negotiable. Walking presumptuously is dangerous.
Your course is as important as your ability to run. I beseech you, take the right turn; stay on course and stay the course.

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