Today, I am going to write like my Father. I am going to speak of those things that are not as though they are. I am going to declare the end from the beginning, and thereafter run from the beginning towards this declared end. Yes, I have crossed the line. I have won the prize. My status has changed. I am a marathoner!

In six months’ time, I will show you what I have already seen. The winners’ medal hanging around my neck. The winners’ smile adorning my face. The winners’ pose digitally captured. You will see it then; I can see it now.

No, I would not stop declaring. What will be will NOT be unless I declare what will be and follow my declarations with action. I believe and therefore I speak. I am now bound by what I have spoken. I speak and therefore I act. I am now committed to acting out my speech.

I have not spoken in secret; I have declared from the rooftops. So, when that which has already happened now happens, you will not be taken aback. Instead you will acknowledge that I once declared it and it came to pass.

My declarations are based on what I can see within, what He has spoken from above, and not on the evidences without. My pronouncements are for a time to come, not for this moment in time. Even if it tarries, I will wait for it because it will not tarry. This is an active wait; a run-your-course-with-perseverance kind of wait.

Friend, speak like your Father. Prophesy your future as though it already is today. Then fight the good fight in accordance to the word thus released. Things will shift for you. And you will shift for things. You will cross the line and win the prize.

Be like your Father.




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