I am thinking about what happened yesterday. Some from our church’s running group ‘graduated’. They completed a 5k race non-stop, something they probably did not see themselves doing eight weeks ago. I am happy for these achievers and have a smile inside as I recall my graduation experience last May.

Beyond their well-deserved achievement, I am drawing a few lessons for myself and ruminating on what it really takes to earn the achievers’ medal. Not everyone who signed up or started graduated. Some unavoidably; some inexplicably. I ask myself, where do I stand in my destiny journey? Am I looking forward to graduating or losing interest along the way? Graduation date is somewhat fixed, but those who will cross the line are not. I would not receive a crown for starting or for nearly finishing; I will be crowned for completing my course.

It is great to have encouragers along the way; mentors and coaches who genuinely want us to succeed – the Nigel’s of this world; fellow runners from the same running group. But all they can do is encourage and motivate. I must receive their encouragement and keep on running my race. Every person must cross his or her own finish line; no one can do it on another’s behalf.

Believe it or not, I am preaching to myself. Toks, repent, for the day of reckoning is at hand! I have not done much running lately, for different reasons. Some unavoidably, some inexplicably. Whatever the reasons, graduation date is fixed. I must show up prepared for the race or forfeit the crown.

Kudos, Nicola!

Kudos, Daniel!

Kudos, Joan!

Kudos, Coach Nigel!

Kudos, Coach Auriol!

Kudos in advance, Toks (just make sure you prepare for your race and show up on graduation day!)

I will.

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