I was scheduled to lead this week’s running session for my church’s running group. It’s part of a 0-to-5k programme to help participants build the endurance they need to successfully run a 5-kilometre race. I took part in the spring edition earlier in the year and benefited immensely from the sessions. Today, I am leading one. The only problem: the weather forecast was not looking great!

When you wake up from a warm and cosy bed on a cold and frosty morning, you need motivation that is stronger than the temptation to lie in. You need a WHY that is bigger than the freeze. I had a WHY: I wasn’t going to disappoint those who planned to attend, even if it was just one person!

The session was cool, literally. Our bodies warmed up as we went through our running routines, but not my fingers. My rising body heat simply refused to circulate to those ten fragile body parts. And, boy, did they hurt! I tried to ignore the pain, but the pain was not ignoring me. I was glad when it was all over, but my fingers were cross that I forced them out into the cold in the first place! If they had their way, all ten of them would have stayed at home and wished me good luck!

The drive home was equally stressful because a full-blast car heater did little to rescue my numb fingers! Even God refused to relieve my pain. I cried out for help, but He answered me not. Surely, winter is not a good season for runners. Or is it?

The Bible says we should be ready in season and out of season. We are meant to “run” always and not be weary in well doing. How much progress can we make in life if we only pursue purpose when conditions are right? Are we meant to be good only when it is convenient for us? The weather will not adapt to our race preferences; we are the ones to adapt to the weather. Put on extra clothing, arm yourself with a pair of gloves, put on a hat if you may, but do not abandon your race!

I have now found the gloves that served me well last winter (oh no, I ain’t leaving them at home next time; my fingers will not suffer again as they did today!). Armed with these, I am ready to conquer the Arctic polar bears that are threatening to invade Britain!

The race continues next week!

(Well done Tammy and Daniel for making it!)

References: 2 Timothy 4:2 (see also Psalm 1:3). Galatians 6:9

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