This book focuses on the generation of Nigerians born between 1960 and 1970, who share unique experiences, aspirations and challenges. Following a mass exodus from their country, which began in the 1980s, Nigerians are now in virtually every country of the world, exploring ways to survive and thrive. With many at mid-life, it is time to take stock and prepare for the days ahead. The challenges and opportunities before them call for careful thought and wise choices. Perhaps it is time to shift from the endless pursuit of material success to the more enduring life of significance. This, surely, is a shift of a lifetime!

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Fantastic!If there is a book you need to read at least twice in a year for the next five years, this is it!
— Rev. Sam Adeyemi
This is a remarkable book, hugely relevant to the Nigerian Diaspora as well as to Nigerian residents. It carries a weight of information that has far wider academic value as well as personal motivating force.
— Dr. Hugh
If I had my way, I would make this compulsory reading for every Nigerian from the age of 18
— Rev. Tope Popoola