In the 1980s and early 1990s, God used a ministry called FAITH CLINIC INC. to usher a mighty revival that swept the nation of Nigeria and neighbouring countries. The servant-leader of this move was Dr. I.K.U. Ibeneme, fondly called Bro. Ibe. God used this season of awakening to restore the understanding and practice of “deliverance” in the Church in Nigeria. Untold thousands got saved and many more were set free from demonic bondage. THE FAITH CLINIC REVIVAL is the story of this mighty move of God, told by those who were eye-witnesses of the glory of those days.

The book you are about to read is a most unusual book. It is about a child of the Most High God, Dr. I.K.U. Ibeneme, who led a team of believers to wreak havoc on the kingdom of darkness, on the platform of a ministry known as Faith Clinic. The book is about compassion for people; tenacity in ministering to the needs of others until the final solution is reached; the display of the awesome power of God. The Faith Clinic Revival is about leadership and team-work. It is about humility, love and simplicity.
— Rev. Emiko Amotsuka
This is a long-overdue book! It chronicles the mighty move of God in the power ministry of Late Rev. (Dr.) I.K.U. Ibeneme, who was my beloved mentor. As a first-hand witness of the activities of Faith Clinic, I want to endorse as true all that is written in The Faith Clinic Revival.
— Rev. Victor Amosun
The powerful apostolic ministry of Faith Clinic, under the leadership of Dr. I.K.U. Ibeneme, was my foundation for ministry. If I have made any impact in life and ministry, I owe it to the grace of God, and the mighty move of His Spirit that happened in Faith Clinic.
— Rev. Funke Adetuberu