Miracle Shift is a passionate prophetic message to a people journeying from Egypt, through the wilderness and into their promised land. Like Israel of old, too many believers are failing to learn the lessons of trust in the wilderness and thus are largely unfit to enter into God’s rest. They long for miracles that will satisfy their temporal desires, but are not ready to embrace their prophetic destiny, which involves becoming a channel of miracles to others. This message hits hard, but in love. Only the truth can set God’s people free and the reader will experience freedom through a shift in their mindset about miracles. We need not run after miracles; rather, miracles should run after us!


As with all of Tokunbo Emmanuel’s books, the case he sets out is well presented from Scripture and his gifts as a writer securely hold every reader’s attention.

- Dr. Hugh Osgood
To anyone who has observed with keen interest some of the developments in the church in Nigeria, and by extension Africa, the message of Miracle Shift could not have come at a better time.
- Evans Adetokunbo Emmanuel

In these pages are well-thought through shift that we must make in order to align ourselves with significant progress. Miracle Shift is definitely the book of the hour! Well done, pastor Tokunbo!

- Apostle Femi Adun