Everything in life looks impossible until it is done. Writing a book. Running a marathon. Impacting a generation. These all are seemingly insurmountable challenges that intimidate from afar. They challenge your ability and dare your readiness to act. If you give in to fear, you will not do what you intend to do or realise what you are capable of doing.

I am a living testimony of the fact that you can do what you step out to do. The key phrase is “step out”. If you do not begin to do, you would not get it done. And if you do not get it done, impossibilities will continue to stare you in face.

Believe, then, that you can, and you will. Get started and get going! Do not wait for perfection. Just start from where you are, with what you have, and retain the vision of completion. It will come to pass and that impossible thing would become I AM Possible!

Yes, I CAN!

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